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Easy to use software for:

  • Topology optimization
  • Shape optimization
  • Parameter based optimization
  • Microlattice design
  • Finite element analysis
  • Mesh-based geometry

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RapidView is a multi-body dynamics visualization tool that helps users obtain in-depth understanding of how their design works through visualization. It has many advanced features suggested by many years of experience in the field. RapidView is developed in collaboration with VPDS Inc. Which has been consulting Caterpillar and other companies for more than 10 years in multi-body dynamics simulation.

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RapidView VR

RapidView VR is a simplified iPhone app version of our RapidView software. It adds depth and immersive perception to the visualization and greatly enhances designer’s understanding of their products. Using just commodity gears such as a smartphone, a 3D goggle, and a simple game controller, users can fly around any corners of their model while it is in action.


RapidConnect is a 3D graphical user interface that simplifies and boosts the productivity in preparing models for multi-body dynamics simulation. This tool is especially useful when simulating complex systems such as a whole machine. This software is developed in collaboration with VPDS Inc. and used by VPDS as well as Caterpillar engineers.

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Engineering Services

Finite Element Analysis

  • Meshing
  • Static analysis
  • Natural vibration analysis
  • Transient dynamics analysis
  • Nonlinear analysis
  • Contact analysis
  • Multi-body dynamics simulation
  • Fatigue life calculation

Design Optimization

  • Structural optimization
    • Topology optimization
    • Shape optimization
    • Parameter-based optimization
  • Multidisciplinary optimization
    • Process automation
    • Optimization
    • Design of experiment
    • Uncertainty quantification

Customized Software

We are experts in process integration and design optimization. We can help developing software that automates your particular design analysis routines and design explorations with a few clicks of buttons. Our experience in process integration and engineering problem solving means high quality and cost effective solution for you. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.